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At Brooktree Capital Management we offer comprehensive and continuous asset management for our clients so they can pursue personal endeavors while seeking to meet their investment objectives. This allows our clients the freedom to focus on family, their business or retirement while knowing their investments are actively invested in a strategy that seeks maximization of long term wealth.


As in any healthy relationship, we discuss expectations, goals and objectives very early on when meeting with a potential client. We’ve discovered that our most successful client relationships are founded on solid, philosophical fit and shared approach. Once this is established, we speak in greater detail about asset allocation utilizing the following factors:

  • Expectation for Returns
  • Risk Tolerance/Volatility
  • Time Horizon
  • Income Needs
  • Tax considerations

Once asset allocation is determined, we manage your portfolio using the Brooktree approach to help you meet your financial goals.

As a client of Brooktree Capital Management, your portfolio will be continually monitored, and analyzed. We’ve invested in highly sophisticated technologies that provide real-time data with precision. We also provide executive-level statements to our clients, which are carefully designed, organized and customized to give you clear, relevant data and analysis of your accounts.