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Since 1996, founder Brian R Ellis has been managing assets for various clients. He maintains a highly customized approach to investing and has developed a set of strategies that support his unique method.

In today’s investment world, many are focused on 401k and IRA investment monies because of their tax deferred benefits. This money is invested primarily through mutual funds because the capital gains and income generated by these funds is not subject to taxes until withdrawal at some point in the future (usually retirement). As a result, many have developed a short term, trading mentality rather than long-term growth and stability with respect to accounts and assets.

But Brooktree Capital is different.While we may manage an individual’s retirement monies, our strategies are primarily designed to appeal to those whose assets (and income) are subject to taxes. This requires an entirely different approach to be successfulThis philosophy drives our company, and our clients share it.


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Brooktree Capital Management is owned and managed by Brian R. Ellis, a lifetime native of West Michigan. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Notre Dame with a major in accountancy, and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Michigan with a concentration in Finance.

Beyond his extensive academic background, Brian is also well acquainted with the issues confronting many businesses in today’s economic climate, having owned and operated a Midwestern food processing company. He understands how time consuming it can be to run a viable business while trying to manage an effective investment portfolio on the side. This combination of education and real-world experience has afforded Brian a unique perspective and skill set from which to evaluate and advise on investment decisions for his clients.

Brian also believes in public service and giving back to the community. He was elected to serve on a local school board in Grand Rapids, and has devoted his time and expertise in that capacity for the past 14 years.